People who suffer from mental illness problems may face physical issues that can affect the quality of life. There are several reasons which are responsible for the symptoms and one should focus more on evaluating them in detail. Some of the major factors include medications, weight gain, hypertension, genetic factors, chemical substances abuse, and diabetes. It is necessary to focus more on mental health effectively in order to eliminate physical health problems. On the other hand, individuals can manage them by changing their lifestyle and other things. This will help to live an active lifestyle for accomplishing goals considerably. A poor mental health can reduce the life expectancy of a person that requires immediate medical attention.

Analyzing the physical problems

Those whose are having bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and deep depression may face the following physical problems.

• Overweight

High blood pressure

• Asthma

• Teeth and gum problems

• Alcohol and gum issues

• Heart disorder


Those who want to know more about the risks should consult with a physician for staying healthy. In most cases, a doctor will analyze the problems with special attention and suggest a treatment based on them. Another thing is that it is possible to know the impacts of symptoms in detail that can help to reduce them with high success rates.

Living a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle will result in many advantages enabling a person to prevent health risks. At the same time, it involves stopping some practices which are not healthy. It is advisable to male some small changes after consulting with the physician. Some of them include:

• Eating and drinking healthy

• Replacing sugar drinks with plain water

• Stopping smoking and alcohol

• Sleeping well daily for at least 8 hours

• Performing physical activities

• Knowing how to manage stress

• Looking after teeth and gums

• Avoiding foods that contain a lot of fat, sugar, and salt

Undergoing regular health checks

Anyone who is having some mental illness should consult with a psychiatrist or GP for reducing unwanted issues. Undergoing regular health checkups will help to identify the early signs of any problems. A medical checkup includes the following things allowing a person to improve the physical conditions.

• Checking the blood pressure and pulse rates

• Blood test for evaluating kidney, liver, and thyroid functions

• Analyzing alcohol, smoking, and drug use

• Asking patients about their lifestyle and physical health history

• ECG test

• Measuring the weight

• Recommending a screening test for detecting certain disorders   

• Examining involuntary muscle movements

• Cholesterol tests

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